The 20/19 Project will support the commission of new viola sonatas by Andrew Norman, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, and Scott Wollschleger, as well as recordings of and educational resources for the works. Read more about the project below.

Read more about Anna's orchestral work Aeriality in Music & Literature: "Anna Thorvaldsdottir: A Part of Nature."

Listen to this episode of Arts & Letters featuring Wollschleger's percussion monodrama, We have taken & eaten.

About The 20/19 Project

1919 was an important year for the viola: Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge held her annual composition competition, encouraging two of her close friends—Rebecca Clarke and Ernest Bloch—to submit viola sonatas. Half way around the world, a young Paul Hindemith was finding his voice and wrote his own viola sonata inspired by Claude Debussy's colorful writing. These pieces have become staples of the viola repertoire through performances by great viola soloists such as Clarke and Hindemith themselves, scholarship, and recordings/curation of the three works together because of their origins in the same year.

Now approaching 2019, my dream is to celebrate the centennial by commissioning several new sonatas by exciting composers of my generation—Andrew Norman, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, and Scott Wollschleger. The 20/19 Project will go beyond the commissions and the premiere to include recordings of the works and video tutorials to show extended techniques used with brief interviews of the composers. Through this extensive free educational resource (an expansion of other performers, students, and audience members will have a window into the creative process and a way to continue to learn the works and/or advocate for many more performances.

Be a part of the legacy bridging 1919 to 2019. All donations to the project are tax deductible and will be managed by fiscal sponsor Kalikolehua (501c3 letter attached). To support the project, please follow the link below to donate directly to our fiscal sponsor. When prompted to "Add special instructions" on the following page, please indicate "The 20/19 Project" so that your support will be directed to this project.

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