Chamber Music (2–5 players)


to you (the architects are most courageous) (2018)

two violins, viola, cello, and piano

Postcards II: Akari (2018)

flute, viola, harp, and fixed media

gray (2017)

viola and percussion

birth, death (2017)

obsidian sounding stones, strings, and voice

color etude 20:17 (for Tom) (2016)

for trumpet and piano. Premiered July 2016 by Thomas Bergeron and Chris Doyle in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Solo / Solo with fixed media


koʻu inoa (2017)

viola (or cello)

leap year (2017)

viola and fixed media

Casalmaggiore (2016/18)

viola (or violin) and fixed media

with their I you your fuse (2016)

double bass

Fixed Media



Sound Constructions

A collaboration with Nina C. Young and Senem Pirler.

Live at Atlas Theater with Brian Horton

Tenor saxophone and viola

The Yes &

Viola and modular synth; a collaboration with Gahlord Dewald.