Sound Constructions

Sound Constructions is a collaboration between Nina C. Young, Senem Pirler, and Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti. The site-specific work was originally created on and for the Montalvo Arts Center. Using a combination of found objects from the grounds and sound sculptures built from industrial materials, the mobile sculptures invite interplay. By choosing specific found objects, we amplify only certain sounds that normally might not be heard. The installation is an exploration of these objects and presence, asking: How does taking things out of their natural environment create tension? With closeness of both the visual projections and style of amplification, are we actually closer to the objects and/or each other? As we have collected these things in order to build an environment, how do we touch them, give them focus, and ultimately let them go?

Metal sound sculptures by Morfbeats. Mobile speaker sculptures by Lanzilotti, Pirler, and Young.